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The RideUP Scheme is owned and operated by Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists (TVAM).

The RideUP Scheme is open to any motorcyclist who has achieved at least a DVSA Class A2 motorcycle license in the past two years and is under 30 years of age. Preference will be given to individuals who have recently acquired their first ‘large’ (600cc or above) machine.

Applicants must complete the application form and submit it to TVAM via the club’s website (RideUP.tvam.org/apply).

Applications will be reviewed by TVAM on a regular basis to select individuals to enter the Scheme. They may choose not to select any of the applicants if in their opinion none were suitable. They will allocate Scheme places in line with the agreed selection criteria and budget agreed from time-to-time by the TVAM Committee.

Successful applicants will be notified of their selection by e-mail or phone from the Chief Observer. They will then be required to pay the deposit fee up front which will be fully refunded by TVAM on passing their Advanced test. Their TVAM membership fee for the first year will be waived.

RideUP Scheme members are at all times responsible for their own safety when riding their motorcycle and must also comply with TVAM club rules.

During their training each RideUP Scheme member will be allocated an Observer selected by The Chief Observer. If the RideUP Scheme member is unhappy with their allocated Observer this must be raised initially with the Chief Observer who will try to rectify the situation to the satisfaction of all concerned.

RideUP Scheme members will be able to attend two TVAM advanced training courses during their training for the IAM RoadSmart Advanced test; Advanced Braking and Look, Lean & Roll courses. They will be able to apply for any of the course dates available and will pay their registration fees in the TVAM webshop as other candidates do. Their course fee will however be refunded on the day they attend or a few days afterwards. Cancellation or postponement of courses will be at the discretion of the course organiser. A RideUP Scheme member cancelling two course dates or failing to attend a course after a booking has been made could forfeit their RideUP Scheme membership as well as the course registration fee, at the discretion of the Chief Observer.

Upon passing their IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test RideUP Scheme members will have their deposit fully refunded by TVAM. They will also be awarded a Green badge and their name will be published in Slipstream with a note they were a RideUP Scheme member.

RideUP Scheme members will also, on passing their IAM RoadSmart test, be entitled to attend an IAM RoadSmart Track Skills Day on a date and track of their choosing. TVAM will pay the IAM RoadSmart registration fee for this. All other costs (travel to and from the track, meals, etc) will be borne by the individual. The individual will also be responsible for their own machine and safety in line with the IAM RoadSmart briefings given on the day and compliance with all rules pertaining to the event. If a RideUP Scheme member cancels a Skills Day reservation and the fee is subsequently forfeited, or other fees are incurred, TVAM will not be liable for these or for providing a further reservation.


RideUP Terms and Conditions
Issue 1, Oct 2016

Note: These terms refer to the RideUP Scheme. For general terms and conditions for TVAM, please see www.tvam.org/terms